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I first met Margot at her newborn session when she was just 12 days old. Her newborn session ended with a score of Lea - 0 | Margot - 1.

Now I’m a very persistent person, I have the patients of a saint and I do not give up easily but this little one just wasn’t in the mood to have her picture taken, even after 4 hours of persistence. She was the most unsettled baby I’ve ever dealt with. Shortly after It was discovered that she had quite a serve tongue tie and despite her mom’s best efforts she was struggling to feed because of this.

Sometimes as a child photographer you just need to know when enough is enough. All of my child sessions, including newborn are led completely by the baby/child and sometimes you have no other choice than to put an end to a session and try again at another time.

Now for me sitter sessions are my favourite age, 6 month olds are full of expressions and they literally laugh at anything! So we didn’t at all consider we would have an issue with Margot when her mom booked her in for her sitter session. How naive were we?

One of the downfalls of the 6 month milestones is teething, sometimes not even the magic gum gels etc can help if your little one is cutting a tooth. Margot wasn’t in the mood for any attempt at smiling at her sitter session, she just wanted to chomp on her thumb to ease her pain, the poor thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, half of the images below are from our first attempt at her session and there isn’t anything wrong with them. She’s beautiful and between the chomping she was happy to sit and have her picture taken but what can possibly beat a picture of a gummy smile? Absolutely nothing in my opinion and that’s what was missing!

I didn’t want her parent’s looking back in years to come and miss out on the happier images that could of been in her gallery, if Margot had been feeling more herself that day. So because of that I made some time the next morning and invited them back!

Second time around Margot was happy, she was free of pain and smiled ridiculous amounts. I think really she just wanted to prove she was in fact in charge and didn’t want to give me an easy win, but that’s ok because even though it’s not ideal it doesn’t matter because we got there in the end and her parent’s have a gorgeous gallery of images which is the end goal.

I, of course am going to keep an extra day free around the date of her cake smash in July just in case she’s hell bent on being troublesome 3rd time around!

Here is her gorgeous gallery for you to have a look at


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